Beauty and Blush; is a platform that emphasizes personal care, self-worth, and self-reliance over everything. It’s a gateway to express yourself fully through the art of makeup and fashion. Despite the budget limitations one has, we ensure to facilitate every single being, because we believe, we all are precious.

However, the journey of Beauty and Blush was not easy, the twists and turns of life had made it nearly impossible to be at this place but my devotion, consistency, hard work, and belief in myself had made it possible!

It all started when I was very young, I got a close upfront to what life really is. The complex grief, the intricacies of finances and life in general was greatly unsettling and upsetting. Thanks to my mother’s steadfast support and trust in me, I not only endured the challenges but also flourished. Her unwavering belief in my abilities became the foundation that allowed me to believe in myself, ultimately leading me to a positive and fulfilling place in life.

Holding my ground, working my days and nights off, finally paid off when the idea of beauty and blush came into being. Delving into the world of makeup, skincare and fashion made me reconnect with my self and what I truly long for. The passion that it ignited kept me going, along with a support of my beloved husband, which didn’t let me fall down.

Finally years later, it was no longer an idea, but a real thing, and the woman who has reformed out of this – independent, confident and successful is really someone who I’m a proud of.

This blog is not just my space, but it’s ours. It’s a constant reminder that you’re loved and cared for. No matter how hard the times get, if we have each other’s back, we can face the gravest of storms. Don’t give up on yourself because you matter!

Beauty and Blush is a ray of hope for all women out their to embrace themselves. I, Carol Williams would love to help you in this journey of self-discovery, and become who you really are. Let’s explore the real you!

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