Top 5 Luxurious Dusting Powders to Enhance Your Skin Care Routine

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With summer comes the intense heat wave that leaves no stone unturned in drenching us with sweat and moisture. To avoid smelling bad, thanks to humid weather, it’s imperative to include something in your daily skincare routine to stay sweat-free and fresh. Enter dusting powders. These powders are great for keeping your skin dry as it absorbs sweat. This lightweight, fine Powder smooths your skin and leaves it soft and supple. 

There are varieties of Powder available in the market; some are scented, others unscented and natural. While what Powder you choose depends highly on your preferences, there is one ingredient you should always look out for talc. Talc, also known as talcum, has dozens of lawsuits against it, as many small studies claimed it contains asbestos – a cancer-causing substance. You must have heard about the fiasco of Johnson’s baby powder once in your life and the links to ovarian cancer. 

Therefore, it’s better to go with a talc-free alternative to be on the safe side. Ahead, find some high-quality dusting powders that contain no talc and are excellent at keeping you fresh all day long. 

Comparing the Most Functional Dusting Powder

Prince Matchabelli Wind Song Dusting Powder — Best Overall

This Prince Matchabelli Wind Song Dusting Powder comes in a retro container that transcends you into your early childhood. The Powder has a fine texture and a weightless feel to it. Add this to your bath routine and get silky, soft, smooth skin in no time. With this in your arsenal, you needn’t worry about sweat at all. 

What’s more remarkable about this vintage product is its incredible divine fragrance. It has a unique wooden smell with top notes of coriander, tarragon, orange leaf, and neuroli. The light, pleasant scent isn’t overpowering, thus excellent with people of all skin types. It has a sturdy puff that doesn’t wear off easily and makes application super easy. It’s a great gift to give your elders as they would surely relish this Powder’s lovely smell. So surprise your mother and grandmother or any other special person in your life and turn their days magical with this heavenly Powder.  


  • Handy container 
  • Refreshing smell 
  • Keeps skin dry 


  • Expensive

Greenwich Bay Lavender Chamomile Dusting Powder — Best Budget

Greenwich Bay Lavender Chamomile Dusting Powder is a cult favorite for all the right reasons. It’s a light body powder that absorbs quickly into the skin and begins its magic. The right mix of delicate botanical scents is perfect for brightening your day. Just sprinkle some on your body with its ultra-soft puff and say hello to silky, smooth skin in no time. It’s talc-free and is created with cornstarch and essential oils, which are entirely safe to use on the body. 

The sweet smell of lavender makes you feel luxurious and happy. It’s highly affordable and comes in cute packaging. If you want to surprise your loved ones and are looking for a fragrance product, look no more. With this product in your arsenal, stay fresh all day long.


  • Calming scent 
  • Long-lasting smell 
  • Has a giftable packaging 


  • It comes in a small container

Lemon Up Dusting Powder — Most Refreshing

Infused with cornstarch, kaolin clay, aloe powder, jojoba oil, and shea butter, this Lemon Up Dusting Powder is worthy of all the hype it gets. The natural, talc-free formula keeps your skin soft and smooth. Its zesty, refreshing lemon scent is perfect for blazing, hot weather, as it does an excellent job of keeping your skin dry. What’s more impressive, this dusting powder provides a cooling sensation, thanks to lemon, which refreshes you up. Just sprinkle some on your body after the bath and enjoy silky skin in no time. 

Moreover, it’s a translucent, refined, gentle powder that is suitable for all skin types. The smell is pleasant and doesn’t overwhelm, which makes it permanent to be on our side table. Its soft baby puff makes an application a breeze.


  • Lovely scent 
  • Neat, travel-friendly packaging 
  • A great alternative to a deodorant 


  • It is on the higher price end 

Burt Bees Baby Dusting Powder — Best Hypoallergenic

Burt Bees Baby Dusting Powder is originally made for babies but is versatile and so great that it’s also suitable for adults. The non-irritating, talc-free formula is all-natural that calms and smooths your skin effortlessly. It’s formulated with moisture-absorbing cornstarch and other nourishing ingredients like shea butter, aloe, and vitamin E that nourish and protects delicate skin. 

It’s free from parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, and SLS, making it clean and safe for all skin types. It is climate-friendly and has recyclable packaging, thus safe even for our planet. Dash it onto your or your little munchkins for silky skin. Its mild scent is lovely and light, making it our go-to choice for humid weather.


  • Made from natural ingredients 
  • Pediatrician tested 
  • It has a natural fragrance 


  • Expensive

Herb & Root Rose Dusting Powder — Great Value

If you want to bask in the sweet, subtle scent of rose, this Herb & Root Rose Dusting Powder is perfect for you. Enriched with arrowroot, kaolin, and oatmeal, this Powder has a fine texture that offers a sheer finish that leaves your skin velvety soft. The ultra-powerful ingredients soothe and calm the irritated, itchy skin and provide instant relief from chafing skin. 

What’s more impressive is that this gentle, lightweight Powder is highly absorbent and keeps your skin dry. Formulated without talc and being cruelty-free, this pick is great for all age groups. Follow the instructions on the container’s back and shake thoroughly before use. Sprinkle it anywhere on the body or even on sheets and clothes to keep moisture and odor at bay. Pamper yourself with this gentle divine-smelling Powder and enjoy your day stress-free.


  • It’s a sustainable packaging 
  • Relieves rashes 
  • Unisex and safe for intimate parts 


  • The smell may be overwhelming for some 

Buying Guide: Dusting Powder 

Dusting powders are essential in hot weather because, let’s face it, nobody likes to smell bad. The humid climate produces excessive perspiration, which leads to odor. The cosmetic industry has seen waves of these items and a revolution in their formulation, the ever-famous talc debate. Many powders are available in the market, but which one to choose for your skin type is the question that bothers many. To help you find the right product, we have curated this buying guide to make your search easy. Below see what factors you must consider when shopping for a dusting powder. 

Dusting Powders versus Baby Powder 

You must have seen your grandmother using a dusting powder or have heard your mother calling out your name, asking you to sprinkle some rose body powder before leaving home. Many people might become confused about the mechanics of it, and some use the terms interchangeably. If you, like others, also wonder if there is any difference between them, keep reading to learn more about it.  

Body powder 

Body Powder is also an excellent moisture absorptive but is marketed mainly by manufacturers based on its medical benefits. For instance, body powder suits fungus, foot odors, irritated skin, rashes, and more. Since they include some active ingredients, they must be applied more carefully in the places it is curated for. 

Dusting powder 

Dusting Powder is a lightweight powder that usually comes with a small puff and is excellent at soaking up sweat. It leaves you dry and smooth. They can be spread indiscriminately anywhere on the body and keep you fresh all day. Some people use it for its pleasant smell around the house and sprinkle some on sheets to have a gentle, pleasant aura.  

Things to Look for 


Ingredients are the make-or-break element of any product; therefore, you need to know what your product contains. Ingredients such as kaolin, cornstarch, and magnesium oxide carbonate are great absorptive materials and do an excellent job of keeping your skin dry. 


A powder is no good if it doesn’t spread readily and evenly. The ability to slip determines the ease with which the Powder can be applied. Look for a powder with fine particles that gives a smooth finish. 

Benefits of Dusting Powder

  • It is versatile 
  • It smells nice 
  • It’s travel-friendly 
  • It prevents chafing 
  • It keeps your skin soft 
  • It can be used on sheets
  • It’s safe for feminine hygiene  
  • It can be worn as a perfume
  • It soaks up sweat and keeps you dry
  • Controls stinky foot smell 
  • It helps reduce body acne 
  • It can also be used as a dry shampoo

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is dusting Powder only for women? 

No, dusting powder is unisex and can be used on all age groups.

Is it safe to use a dusting powder on the face? 

Yes, dusting powders can be used anywhere on the body.

What is the best time to apply a dusting powder?

It highly depends on your preferences, but it’s preferred to dash some powder on the body after the shower or before stepping into the house for soft, supple skin. 

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