The Best Hair Oils That Actually Boosts Your Hair Growth

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Do you also have short strands that never seem to grow? Whether you are looking for a way to get long locks, have fine, brittle tresses that seem beyond repair, dull strands that need a little luster, or a dandruff-laden scalp that itches terribly, we know the struggle to keep your hair healthy is pretty upsetting and frustrating.

You might have tried dozens of snake hair products that promise huge claims but never deliver, or you are heartbroken and ready to accept your dull hair fate; hear us out. Hair oils are miraculous products that do wonders for your hair. We know it seems like another marketing strategy, but trust us, and we guarantee you won’t disappoint. 

The hair oils we are talking about are not faux. They are loaded with powerful ingredients such as biotin, fatty acids, and other plant-based oils that are excellent nutrition and moisturizer for your hair. From smoothing frizz and conditioning your scalp to offering heat protection, hair oils are remarkable at what they do. Ahead find some of our top slick picks; choose your favorite, apply and get ready to achieve the hair of your dreams! 

Comparing Most Functional Hair Oils 

Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil — Best Overall

Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Hair Oils

Olaplex is a popular name in the world of hair and has a huge fan following. Known for curating excellent hair products for all hair types, this brand always goes above and beyond in satisfying its customers, as the usage of this line offers miraculous results. So it’s not surprising for The Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil to be a star-studded product. Not only does it smoothen and hydrates your tresses, but it also makes them appear smooth, bouncy, and shiny. It works on a molecular level which helps to repair the broken bonds, thereby reducing breakage and restoring the length of your hair to its former glory. It also makes your hair more manageable – taming frizz and flyaways and adding instant softness to your locks. 

What’s more incredible is the smell of this concentrated oil. Divine but not overpowering, it’s a mix of fruity and tropical. Moreover, this pick is perfect for you if you love experimenting with colors, as it keeps them fresh and vibrant. Another plus? It offers thermal protection up to 450ºF, making it a must-have product in your toolkit if you love styling tools (curlers, dryers, or straighteners). The reparative formula and glossy finish make it the best overall product on our list.


  • Lightweight formula 
  • It doesn’t make your strands greasy
  • Helps smoothen the texture of hair 


  • Small bottle for a price 

OGX Extra Strength Renewing Argan Oil — Best for Damaged Hair

If the idea of applying oil to your fine, damaged strands sends you running in the opposite direction due to fear of limp, lifeless locks; you’ve come to the right place. The OGX Extra Strength Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco is lightweight and infused with a potent blend of argan oil that helps to revive, smooth, and restore your hair. The vitamin E and antioxidants in its formula penetrate deep into the hair shafts, seals nutrients, locks moisture, and strengthen your hair. 

Its rich texture adds incredible luster and shines to dull, coarse strands, making them silkier and softer. As if this was not impressive enough, this intensive hair serum has a heavenly scent. The moisturizing and nourishing elements are perfect for repairing hair. Take a few drops of it in your palm, rub it and apply it on damp or dry hair for its magic to begin. Suitable for all hair types, it’s a cult favorite and necessary for achieving lush locks. Plus, its sleek and secure packaging makes it easy to carry around wherever you go.


  • Travel-friendly 
  • A little goes a long way 
  • Act as a protectant against styling tools 


  • Expensive

Verb Ghost Oil — Best for Fine Hair

True to its name, Verb Ghost Oil literally vanishes into the strands right after applying, making it perfect for thin, fine tresses. Despite its rich texture, it’s lightweight and fast-absorbing, which leaves your hair shiny and glossy. Bamboo extract, moringa seed, and argan oil in the formula make this pick super nourishing and moisturizing. The mixed tones of grapefruit and oatmeal offer a subtle sweet scent that is refreshing and energizing. 

Moreover, the clear formula revitalizes and adds instant shine to your hair from root to end! It also hydrates and defrizzes the strands making it easier for you to tangle even the roughest hair knots. You can apply it before using styling tools, as it’s a great heat protectant. Just two to three drops of it on towel-dried or damp hair gives you radiant, silky, luscious locks. It is also clean and safe to use, as it’s free from all harsh and toxic chemicals such as parabens and sulfates making it one of our favorite vegan hair oils


  • Cruelty-free
  • Safe to use on color-treated hair 
  • Smooths and softens the hair 


  • Not suitable for scent-sensitive people 

Moroccanoil Treatment Oil — Best for Dry Hair

Free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates, the Moroccanoil Treatment Oil is cruelty-free and clean. The formula is jam-packed with powerful ingredients, such as vitamin E, linseed extract, and rich antioxidants that help improve hair’s structure and health. Straight, wavy, curly, or coily, this oil is excellent for all hair textures and types. Not only does it absorb quickly without making your strands greasy and limp, but it also hydrates, smooths frizz and flyaways, and soothes itchy scalp.  

It’s a slick, versatile pick and offers many benefits, hooking you to itself right from the start. Be it dryness, dullness, or coarseness, all hair concerns are powerless against this multitasking oil. Plus, it’s got an incredible smell, thanks to a perfect blend of sweet floral and spicy amber notes. Moreover, it comes in a brown glass blue labeled bottle that looks super cute and chic. Start with a dime size amount of it, and apply it from mid-length to the ends to condition and smoothen rough hair. You can also use it on damp hair prior to blow-drying and get salon-like hair or apply it on dry hair for long-lasting shine and softer tresses.


  • Boosts shine 
  • Makes your strands soft 
  • Quickly absorbs in your hair 


  • Little quantity for a price 

Mielle Organics Rosemary Oil — Best for Curly Hair

This viral Mielle Organics Rosemary Oil has taken the hair industry by storm. It has promising ingredients in its formula, like castor, jojoba, eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, coconut, and almond oil, which are great hair revitalizers and lovers. The aloe soothes the dry, itchy scalp, whereas the blend of mint essential oils improves blood circulation to the scalp, stimulating follicles and thereby kicking the journey to thicker, bouncer, healthier hair. 

Moreover, the smell of this purely organic oil is invigorating. The biotin in it gives your hair all the nourishment it deserves. Use it regularly for effective results or for specialized scalp treatment. It’s worth all the hype it gets. From smoothening to conditioning to reviving, this oil does it all effortlessly.


  • No split ends 
  • Combats dandruff 
  • Paraben and sulfate-free


  • Scent might be overwhelming 

Buying Guide: Hair Oil

Hair care can be daunting and frustrating if there are no effective results, even after strictly abiding by routine. It might lead to feelings of hopelessness and sadness because who would be happy to see their hair falling out in clumps? To beat this, we scoured the Internet for hair growth helpers and have agreed to one golden rule. When it comes to hair, it’s rarely a one-size-fits-all situation. Thankfully, we’re able to narrow down the parameters of choosing the hair oil for different hair types. Read on to find out all about it.

Things to Look for 

Now that we have discussed some of the best oils let’s help you pick the suitable hair oil. 

Key ingredients 

Before talking about key ingredients, it’s vital to understand your hair needs. Knowing about them would serve as a buffer while roaming the beauty shelves for a product that fits your needs. Ahead, find some hair-loving ingredients that make a great hair oil: 

  • Jojoba oil: It hydrates and moisturizes the hair from deep within. Also, it is effective against dandruff and dry scalp.  
  • Argan oil: It prevents hair damage, fights UV rays, and is an excellent heat protectant. Moreover, it also fights frizz, reduces dryness, and is non-greasy, making it ideal for regular use. 
  • Coconut oil: It has been used for centuries and is a holy grail for breathing life into dull, lifeless strands. Not only does it lock moisture in the hair, it also penetrates deeply, nourishes your tresses from the inside out, and offers luscious, silky, beautiful soft hair. 
  • Castor oil: It promotes hair growth, fights scalp infections, controls dandruff, and helps prevent split ends, giving you shiny, healthy locks. 


You obviously do not want to roam the streets with limp, greasy hair that feels like you’ve not showered in ages. Therefore listening to your hair is crucial as it will help you find the right oil suitable to your hair’s texture. For fine thin hair, lightweight oil works best, whereas medium, thick, or intensely damaged hair requires a denser formula.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use hair oil on my oily hair?

Yes. All hair requires nutrition to grow and remain healthy. For oily hair, apply the product to your lengths and ends.

What is the best way to use hair oil?

All hair oils contain ingredients that are nourishing and moisturizing. You can apply the oil on dry or damp hair, depending on the instructions and direction of your product.

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