The 5 Best Volumizing Hair Products for Thin Hair

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Some people are blessed with hair that looks like they just stepped out of a parlour after getting their blow-dry done (bouncy curls), whereas, on the other hand, there are poor souls like me who are plain jealous of that. As someone with thin, flat hair, keeping the damn curls for even an hour has always been kind of somewhat unattainable. Not to forget that luscious waves and IG-worthy blow-outs dreams are constantly being thwarted by oily scalps and product build-up that weighs my delicate strands like bricks. 

And if you can relate to me, there’s good news. Our time has come, and we no longer have to hide under the guise of checkered stallers or up-dos. Ahead are five hair boosters (wink, wink) volumizing hair products that will work wonders on fine strands.

Comparing the Most Functional Volumizing Hair Products 

SexyHair Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder — Best Overall

Rumor has it you’re obsessed with this SexyHair Powder Play Volumizing & Texturizing Powder (hello, Umbrella Academy fans). This top-rated, hair stylists-favourite drugstore brand is literally a game-changer, and that too at a steal price. It is not only an OG formula but an excellent pick that adds an intense volume. 

It comes in a cute red bottle that you need to stake well before use. Section the hair in small parts, and sprinkle this odourless, residue-free powder to get the appearance of thicker hair. Also, if you’re not on board with this due to the mess it might create, you can always get your hands on the brand’s new iteration – Sexy Powder Lite. It features a pump dispenser, checking all the boxes of being the best, as it adds body to your strands without any fuss. It is great for all hair types and textures, bagging an award for being the best overall product on our list. 


  • Fragrance-free
  • Easy to wash out
  • Beauty experts recommended 


  • Needs to massage into your scalp immediately, as delay might make it sticky 

Kerastase Densifique Densimorphose Hair Mousse — Best Volumizing Mousse

This Kerastase Densifique Densimorphose Hair Mousse is a great pick for those who desire denser, voluminous hair. Infused with hyaluronic acid, gluco-peptides and ceramides, this mousse is a straight shot at repairing past hair damage, smoothing flyaways and encouraging healthy growth. The humectant adds plumpness to dull strands making them appear more shiny and bouncy. 

What’s more impressive, the light-as-air-foam formula absorbs quickly in your strands without weighing them down. Just shake it well before use and apply it on damp or towel-dried hair (I personally do it on dry hair). Wait a few seconds, so it settles, then style it as you want. 


  • Instantly adds fullness to the hair 
  • Easy to style
  • Doesn’t make locks sticky 


  • Has a strong smell 

Biolage Volume Bloom Conditioner — Best Volumizing Conditioner

What gives Biolage Volume Bloom Conditioner a spot on our list is its ability to add thickness, volume and shine to all hair types, including color-treated hair. It’s a unique paraben-free formula that provides weightless hydration to your dull, limp strands. 

The bottle is slim and super nice and comes in a recyclable bottle. Just use it after the shampoo and let the magic begin. I’m just in awe of how soft this product makes my hair. So grab it before it runs out and enjoy fuller, thicker, shinier hair. 


  • Adds moisture to hair
  • Silicone-free
  • Vegan


  • A pump feature would be better 

Kenra Volume Spray 25 — Best Volumizing Spray

For days when you want your hair to look extra, spritz this Kenra Volume Spray 25 on the roots for fuller, thicker hair. The hairstylist-loved and the go-to product is great at keeping flyways and frizz at bay. The brand boasts up to 120 hours of hold and stands true to its claim, as it did stay in place for up to three and a half hours, after which my low bun started slipping. It also touts 25 mph wind resistance, so if you are planning a getaway but are worried about wind running your style, this is the answer. 

In addition, it provides 24-hour high humidity resistance, making it perfect for muggy weather days. The bottle is sleek and comfortable to hold and sprays out a fine mist that is easy to apply. 

It’s a fantastic find as it doesn’t make your strands limp or gritty; however, too much of any spray will clump your strands. So section your hair and spritz it on the roots rather than all over the top, as it takes little time to dry. 


  • Flake-free
  • Perfect for humid days
  • Natural and glossy-looking finish


  • The smell may be overwhelming for some 

Davines Volu Volume Enhancing Shampoo — Best Colonizing Shampoo

While it’s usual to add some last-minute lifting products in your hair before stepping out of the house, but if you’re someone who likes to play safe, why not start the care in the shower? Allows your hair to have more fullness, thickness and lift with this magical shampoo that checks all the boxes of being a favorite. This Davines Volu Volume Enhancing Shampoo is a perfect match for your fine, thin hair, as its ultra-gentle formula doesn’t strip your hair of its natural oils. 

Thanks to the coconut-based surfactants, this pick lathers satisfying well and plumps the strands up right down to the end, rather than just roots. What earned this pick a permanent spot in my hair-care kit is that it deeply cleanses my scalp and removes any and all product build-up and long-lasting shine. Plus, it’s packed in 100 percent recyclable material. I layer it with Volu Hair Mist for an extra boost, and boy, my hair looks amazing. So if you want to gift your hair one thing this season, this is it.


  • Sulfate-free
  • Lightweight
  • Instantly volumized and lifts your hair 


  • Expensive

Buying Guide: Volumizing Hair Products 

I know the struggle first-hand of finding products for my fine hair. Most of them were a complete waste of money as they did nothing but make matters worse. There was a phase where I swore off splurging my anymore and had to accept the fate that my strands would always be like this; dull, crunchy and lifeless. But the past year was the year for me, and I found some amazing hair volume products that have changed my narrative upside down. So from one fine hair folk to another, here’s this buying guide to help you out. 

Things to Look for 

Look out for these things when shopping for products for thin, flat hair. 


Make sure that the product you’re buying has ingredients that actively work together to plump and thicken the hair. Usually, ingredients like collagen, biotin, and polymers are great for giving a fuller and thicker hair appearance. 


For fine hair, the lighter, the better. Thick masks or pomades are a big no as they will weigh your hair down and will make you look like you’ve not showered in ages. So opt for whipped mousses, creams, featherlight powders, or aerosols to boost your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How to get naturally thick hair? 

While most of the work is genetic, there are a few things that you could do to have healthy hair. Eat foods that are rich in protein and oil religiously for effective results.

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