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If you keep yourself up-to-date with makeup trends, you know the amount of popularity false eyelashes have garnered in recent years. Seen on red carpets, met galas, and almost all swoon-worthy Instagram posts, these falsies take the look of your eyes to some next level. 

While there is always an old-school way to make your eyes look prominent and big – mascaras. But applying them is daunting, especially if you get one that easily smudges. To avoid that, these fake lashes are now a must in every makeup lover’s arsenal, as it gives bold definition to eyes. 

So whether you desire an all-natural look or want to go full i-am-glamor-look-at-me, these falsies are a one-stop solution. In this article, learn about some high-quality premium false lashes and how to wear them with tips and tricks to add drama to your eyes.

Comparing Top False Lashes 

Pooplunch False Lashes — Best Overall

If you’re a fashionsita, this Pooplunch False Lashes definitely deserves a spot in your makeup arsenal. Featuring faux mink hair, this multipack of seven-pair falsies feels incredibly weightless and soft on your eyelids. Also, these 8D silk lashes have a long lifespan–reusable up to 15 times. With its crisscross pattern of various sexy lengths, this pick adds flare and boldness to your eyes. If wispy fluttery, and fluffy cat-eye volume is what you want, these fake lashes are your ultimate best friend. 

Also, this pick has a flexible thin cotton band and sticks easily into your lids with little glue. The best part is that these gorgeous babies are cruelty-free and vegan, earning them all the bonus points for being iconic lashes. What makes this product the best overall on our list is it is easy to wear and take off while delivering a bold, flirty look to your eyes. 


  • Thick, voluminous, curly lashes 
  • Ideal for smaller and hooded eyes
  • Durable and long-lasting 


  • Requires trimming before application 

Swinginghair Mink 3D False Lashes — Best Glam

If a fluffy, feathery look with bouncy curly volume is what you desire, look no more. This pair of Swingnghair Mink 3D False Lashes tugs all the heartstrings with the dramatic look and flare it gives to your eyes. These falsies varying thicknesses and contras have a natural crisscross effect that offers sultry flirty vibes.

 Also, being 19mm in size with a thick, durable, and flexible cotton band, these extensions require proper measuring and trimming before applying. The pair of these falsies is made from 100% Siberian mink fur, thus is lightweight and gives no heavy feeling upon wearing. Plus, this pick is cruelty-free and is safe for people with sensitive eyes and contact wearers. So be it your wedding, date night, festival, or party, your makeup look is incomplete without these voluminous lashes.


  • Can be re-use up to 20-25 times
  • It feels just like natural lashes 
  • Packaging includes tweezers 


  • Not suitable for beginners 

Kiss So Wispy False Lashes — Best Value

Drumroll, please. This gorgeous pack of five Kiss So Wispy False Lashes is simply phenomenal. With just the right blend of volume and length, these extensions are not too thick or thin. The lash hairs are tapered at the end and are not too dark or light in black color, thus being your go-to pair for everyday wear.

 Being cruelty-free, this multipack of falsies is unbeatable when it comes to price, quality and durability. Plus, this pick comes with a bonus silicone lash applicator for a seamless wearing process. So if you want a natural-looking effect with a bit of oomph, these strip lashes are your ultimate answer.


  • Are contact-lens friendly 
  • Super lightweight and comfortable 
  • Easy to apply 


  • Crafted from human hair 

Lily False Lashes — Best Vegan

If your eyes are small, round, or almond-shaped, the pair of these Lily False Lashes is perfect for you. Available in five styles, these falsies have even volume and strategic length layering that gives a dramatic flare to your eyes. This 15mm long lash creates a sultry look and would be your go-to pair for all types of occasions. Also, being vegan, these silk strip lashes are made from synthetic material and are suitable even for sensitive eyes. 

What’s more impressive is that these falsies are ultra-comfortable and lightweight, thus blending seamlessly into your natural lashes undetectably. Plus, having an Insta-worthy length, this pick levels up your eye glam effortlessly.


  • Reusable, up-to 10 wears 
  • Enhances your eyes
  • High-quality lashes 


  • It doesn’t come with a glue

Eylure Naturals False Lashes — Best for Everyday Wear


If you’re stepping into the world of false lashes for the first time, this pack of 3 pairs by Eylure Naturals False Lashes has your back. These black falsies are not loaded with too much hair to thus are ideal for minimal everyday looks. Crafted with luxurious faux mink hair, these extensions are ultra-soft and lightweight. The curved look at both ends gives the pair a natural look. 

Also, this pick is handmade and is reusable for up to 5+ wears. These fake eyelashes are super comfortable and feel like nothing on your lids. Being cruelty-free and vegan, this product is furry-friendly. The application process is smoother as the pack contains adhesive glue, which sticks and holds the falsies to your lash line for around 18 hours. So if you are someone who wants to add subtle length and fullness to your eyes, this pick is ideal for you.


  • It gives an eye-opening lash look 
  • Blends with your natural lashes easily 
  • Smother application process 


  • It contains latex

Buying Guide: False Eyelashes 

False eyelashes, also known as falsies, are a quick and easy way to amplify your eyes. But with so many now available on the market, it can be overwhelming. Fret not. Keep reading on to discover the things you need to consider before buying false eyelashes for yourself. 

What to Look for in Falsies 

These faux lashes, if applied correctly, are game changers. From giving a fluffy feathery boost to sultry, doe-eyed vibes, falsies are irreplaceable when providing a bold look to your eyes. Here is a list of things you must consider before going on fake lashes shopping: 

Know your eye shape

As all individuals are different with unique elements, so are their features and body structure. Not all lashes are suitable for every eye shape. Therefore, determining yours before purchasing is vital to ensure that it complements your overall facial elements. Different types of eye shapes are: 

Small eyes: start comparing the size of your eyes to the rest of your face. If you have small eyes, the difference would be visible. For this eye shape, lashes work best because they give the illusion of bigger, fuller eyes. It’s recommended to go with lashes that are not too high on volume as natural-looking effect lashes will accentuate the eyes without feeling too heavy. 

Monolid eyes: this eye shape has no visible creases. Also, they have finer and straighter natural lashes. So going with bouncy and curly falsies adds volume and gives a dramatic flair to your eyes. Don’t go with too heavy lashes, as they will weigh down your eyes, ultimately making you uncomfortable. 

Almond eyes: wider at the center and slightly pointed at the ends, this eye shape is most versatile to play with. You can pull off almost any lash look effortlessly. 

Hooded eyes: having a larger inner corner but a smaller outer corner, these eyes have a bit more skin above the crease of the eyes. Also, this eye shape has a prominent brow bone. Lashes that are shorter and give natural-looking fluffy effects are good as they provide an open-eyed look. Falsies with crisscross layers and soft curls amp up your eyes. Too heavy on volume or long fake lashes would do the opposite, thus making your eyes look smaller than they are.  

Round eyes: if your eyes appear circular or rounded, even at the inner and outer corners of your eyes, chances are you have round eyes. Wispy lashes that create cat-eyed looks are super adorable on these eyes. 

Downturned eyes: having an outer corner that sits below as compared to the inner corner of the eye indicates that you have downturned eyes. So to give a lift to your eyes, you need lashes that are fluffy and feathery at the outer corner. Also, with the help of lash curlers, you can take your eye game to the next level. 

Upturned eyes: similar to almond-shaped, these eyes also go well with all types of faux lashes. With an upward lift at the outer corner, the 3D lashes help to create a catlike eye shape that enhances and highlights your lashes. 


Make sure that the lashes you plan on buying are suitable according to your eye shape. Also, regardless of their unique design and shape, all lines must be incredibly soft and lightweight to avoid the feeling of heaviness when placed on your lids. 


Lashes are made from materials such as silk, mink, and synthetic. lets discuss each one by one. 

Silk lashes: Fairly lightweight and flexible. They are made of synthetic material. They are suitable for providing a full lash look but not ideal if dramatic eyes are what you desire. Also, they are suitable for sensitive skin types along with all others. 

Mink lashes: Made with natural mink and faux mink, these falsies consist of soft and fine hairs. They give a fluffy look but are ideal for everyday looks. The only drawback to using natural mink hairs is that they’re not cruelty-free. 

Synthetic lashes: Made from polished acrylic material and are thick and bouncy. These lashes are ideal if you desire a dramatic, glamorous look.  

Tips and Tricks for Applying False Lashes 

  • Don’t go overboard with adhesive – glue 
  • Wash your hands before applying falsies 
  • Don’t tug too hard when removing the lashes 
  • Clean the eyelid gently after removing your lashes

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I clean my false eyelashes?

Once removed, gently wipe your lashes with rubbing alcohol to dissolve any makeup or bacteria lurking in the strands.

Do fake eyelashes ruin natural eyelashes?

When appropriately used, false eyelashes don’t harm your natural eyelashes.

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