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Let’s face it; your makeup look is incomplete without putting on mascaras. Having this beauty in your makeup bag is essential as it is the number one product to enhance your eyes. A good mascara darkens the lashes and gives your eyes a fuller, brighter look. If you don’t trust us, try going out without applying one, and we’d bet if not, at least one person comes and asks around about you feeling well or not.

Whether you have small or long lashes, there are mascaras for everyone. From lifting, curling, and volumizing to giving that dramatic effect of false lashes, mascara does it all. But with so many options, finding a perfect mascara that suits your wants and needs can be challenging. Keep reading to discover the top-notch mascaras and give your lashes all the love they deserve.

Comparing the Most Voluminous Mascaras

Maybelline New York Sky High Mascara — Best Overall

If you have serious trust issues with mascara due to being let down numerous times by fake claims of long, fluttery lashes, this Maybelline New York Sky High Mascara will restore your faith. Its flex tower brush with a tapered tip has tiny bamboo fibers that add tons of length and volume to your lashes. Not only the brush separates your lashes exceptionally, but it also coats every single lash hair beautifully from root to tips for a false lash effect. 

Coming in cosmic black, blackest-black, and very black color, this lash-sensational mascara gives a surprising amount of definition to your lashes with little to no effort. Also, being certified as an ophthalmologist tested, this pick is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Its ease of application and removal makes this the best overall product on our list.


  • Has a waterproof formula
  • Easy to remove 
  • It is lightweight 


  • It might take some time to dry

LANCOME PARIS Big Volume Mascara — Best Thickening Mascara

This LANCOME PARIS Big Volume Mascara is our favorite for all the right reasons. Its thick brush with soft bristles hooks onto every single lash without clumping. With only one stroke of this pick, you can give yourself a faux feathery look. So if long-lasting mascara with minimal effort is your dream, this pick is ideal for you. 

Its creamy texture glides super easily on your lashes and creates an extreme eye-opening effect. This pick is all you need to make your eyes look gorgeous. Plus, it is a long-wear product with an excellent finish.


  • Easy to apply 
  • It is scent-free
  • Doesn’t get clumpy 


  • Not a waterproof formula. 

Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara — Best for Glam Looks

If you desire drama, this Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara is your answer. This lengthening mascara has a huge fan following for its ability to create the thickest, prettiest lashes that last all day long. With its ultralight buildable formula, it elongates and invigorates your lashes effortlessly.  

Being waterproof and smudge-resistant, it does not transfer or flake. Also, this pick is infused with provitamin B5, thus making it perfect for delivering thickness and strength to your lashes. So if you want a mascara that lifts your lashes fully, get your hands on this beauty before it runs out.


  • Doesn’t feel heavy on lashes 
  • Easy to wipe off
  • Delivers darker, bolder lashes 


  • It is not vegan-friendly 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara — Best Splurge

The Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is a cult favorite. This iconic mascara lives up to its hype and is your ultimate solution for fluffy, voluminous lashes. The curvy hourglass brush expertly hugs every single eyelash, even the inner ones that are difficult to reach. Stay clear if you want a natural look because this product is a serious definition of drama.  

Enriched with collagen and polymers, one swipe of this intense black pick is all it takes to give your lashes a plump, fluttery finish. But if you want to give your lashes a curly look, apply two to three coatings and be mesmerized with the fuller, bolder curl that lasts. Also, this mascara doesn’t flake or smudge while using, which makes us want to rave about it non-stop.


  • It is vegan-friendly 
  • Has a smudge-resistant formula 
  • Gives intense volume 


  • Not available in other colors 

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara — Best Curling Mascara

If you want a mascara that adds length to your lashes, this Benefit Roller Lash Mascara is your go-to choice. This curvature brush, with its one coat, delivers a soft subtle look but if you want next-level drama, layer your lashings with multiple coats of this clump-free ink, and voila, thicker, longer, super curler lashes are here. 

Having lash conditioning ingredients like serin and provitamin B5, this pick nourishes and thickens your lashes. Its narrow wand makes it easy to apply and offers a smooth application without mess. From beginners to pros, this mascara is suitable for all with its water-resistant element.


  • Gives the best curls to your lashes 
  • Stays up to 12 hours 
  • Has no strong scent


  • It may dry quickly 

COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Uncensored Mascara — Best Lengthening Mascara

Are you hunting for a great tubing mascara? Look no further. This COVERGIRL Exhibionist Uncensored Mascara comes in four shades. It is as dramatic as its name and goes above and beyond to deliver a faux-lash effect look. With its long-lasting formula, this show-stopping mascara is for lengthy, voluminous lashes. This pick’s brush coats each lash hair precisely and evenly, giving your lashes a doe-eyed look. 

Whether you have dry, brittle lashes or thick, this drugstore mascara is a must-have. It is infused with hydrating oils like coconut and jojoba that beautifully nourishes your lashes keeping them plump and soft. Being smudge-proof at its finest, this product does not flake. So if you want a mascara that lifts, curls, and lengthens without breaking your bank, give this pick a try and get ready for it to be your ultimate fave.


  • Stays up to 24 hours 
  • Good value for money 
  • It is cruelty-free


  • A little difficult to remove 

Buying Guide: Mascaras

While we have established that mascaras are essential in your makeup routine, finding the one that suits your needs perfectly is challenging. From formula to wand and brush type, color to the application, there are many things to consider. Use this guide to learn all about the trending mascaras. Also, take tips to know factors you should keep an eye out for next time you’re shopping for mascaras. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mascara 

Following are the things you should examine in mascara to ensure that you are getting your hands on the right one. 

Your needs

Ask yourself, why do you need mascara? While all mascaras enhance your eyes, their wearability also has other benefits. If you have tiny, thin lashes, a mascara with lengthening or volumizing elements would be good for you. But if you are one of those blessed with long lashes and want to give them a dramatic flare, curler mascara would be your best friend. While most mascaras offer one of these categories, some are all-rounder. So choose according to your needs and enjoy the look of fuller, brighter eyes.


While how much we would have loved it if it were the wands of the wizarding world, no worries. Mascara wands are your personal magic wands as they give your eyes a statement look. Also known as brush or spoolie, there are many types to it. All wands have different bristles that provide a unique effect on your lashes. Let’s discuss some of it to give you a better context.  

Skinny, thin wands are ideal for coating every individual lash hair. Also, the narrow brush allows you to swipe mascara on your bottom lashes without fuss. On the other hand, the hourglass wand has arches on both sides that are responsible for a dramatic look. There is also a tapered or pointed wand that has a precision tip. This small tip expertly separates the lashes and evenly layers the product without clumping. Another wand is curved in shape, and its name is enough to give its purpose away. This type of wand is suitable for volume and delivers a prominent curved effect to your lashes. So check your wand and refer back to your needs to determine whether you’re getting the right mascara for you or not. 


Another essential thing to note is how long you want your mascara to last. Going with waterproof mascara would be the right choice if you are more active in water-based activities. But if that’s not the case, the choice comes down between the tubing and regular mascara. 

Tubing mascaras are smudged and flake-proof. They are very easy to apply and take off. These elements make tubing mascaras preferable compared to regular and waterproof ones. While regular mascara is also good, there are high chances of it smearing away. In contrast, waterproof mascaras require very much effort to wipe away. 


Jet black mascaras are a classic, but if you want to have a little fun, there are colored mascaras available in the market. Don’t shy away from trying something new. We bet you’ll rock it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does mascara last?

On average, three to six months. Make sure you keep a check on your tube and replace it as required to prevent the building up of any bacteria. 

How do I remove mascara?

Use a damp cotton ball that is soaked in your micellar water. Hold it on your lashes for a few minutes to soften them up. Gently rub the mascara away. Follow up with your normal cleanser to remove any residue.

How do I prevent mascara from smudging?

Take out your setting powder and put a fine layer on your mascara brush. Apply it to your under-eye area and let it soak up all the oil or moisture there.

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