Top-rated Brow Pencils for Perfect Eyebrows: A Comprehensive Guide

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Looking back, getting my brows done was the biggest dilemma, as I was never satisfied with the arch. At times I thought the lift was too high, too plain, barely noticeable, and the list goes on. It took me probably a decade to settle on the perfect arch, and since then, I’ve been all rise and shine. You’ll find celebs and beauty experts obsessed with their eyebrows, and why should they not? It is one of the most important features that frame the face. Not only do they act as a medium to express oneself (wink, wink – the lifted arch), and make you look fresh and youthful. 

We all have spent countless hours and money to get flawless brows. They are a topic we can go on for days and days. And no matter how much you want them to look symmetrical, they are not because brows are sisters – not twins. Some are thick, while others are sparse. Regardless of what situation you have with your darlings, the right brow product can make all the difference in the world. So whether you want to fill in the sparse areas, try to make them look even, desire fluffy brows or are simply looking to accentuate the shape, brow pencil is the answer. 

Scroll down and read about five game-changer brow pencils that will give you defined, fuller-looking eyebrows. 

Comparing Top Brow Pencils

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer Pencil — Best Overall

Looking for something super blendable? This slim, retractable Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer Pencil makes drawing soft, hairlike-lines a seamless process. Its triangular, perfectly slanted shape helps to define your brows with a few simple strokes. Not only it scores all the points in design, but the formula is also super powerful, thanks to the perfect blend of vitamin E and hydrogenated castor oil.

 Available in 12 shades and three different-sized edges, this picks offers you a whole world. The creamy, pigmented texture makes it easy to apply and stays put for hours. Once you’ve drawn the thin, precise strokes, flip the pick and use the built-in spoolie to comb, soften and style your brows to flawless perfection. Its all-in-one versatility and expansive shade range make it the best overall product on our list.


  • User-friendly
  • Highly pigmented 
  • Has a self-sharpening component 


  • Not waterproof 

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat Refillable Hair-Like Eyebrow Pencil — Best for Thin Brows

Do you want some holy-wow brows? If yes, stop right here and get your hands on this Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat Refillable Hair-Like Eyebrow Pencil. It has a cult following and comes in eight shades that are super pigmented yet easily blendable, checking all the boxes of being the best. Plus, the formula contains carnauba wax that offers elasticity to brow hairs. The addition of micro-crystalline wax makes it easy to glide in just one stroke.

Boasting a precise, angled tip, you can create a look that mimics real-life brow hairs. It also features a spoolie that can assist you in smoothing, fluffing and shaping the hair, both before and after application. The sleek, rose-gold pencil is designed well, which makes the application a breeze. The refillable element helps you to cut down on your waste. It comes in eight shades, from natural black to light blonde, and that’s the only part that bummed me as it’d be nice to have a versatile range, especially ones that have red and gray tones.


  • Creamy texture
  • Offers a matte finish 
  • Waterproof


  • Runs out fast 

e.l.f Instant Lift Brow Pencil — Great Value

High-quality, wallet-friendly, drugstore and a super nourishing formula? Seriously, what else can you ask for? This e.l.f Instant Lift Brow Pencil is infused with vitamin E and grapeseed oil that helps to add moisture, strength and shine to your eyebrows, making them look thicker and fuller. Personally, the deep brown shade is my favorite, as it beautifully accentuates the shape of my brows. 

What made this pick a hit for me besides a steal price is its ultra-smooth tip and connecting spoolie. While the precise tip helps you to mimic the look of super-fine hairs, the spoolie is great at styling, smoothing and blending the pigment after it’s been applied. So if you want a straight ticket to getting the brow of your dreams, this pick deserves a place in your makeup kit.


  • Easy to maneuver 
  • Dual-sided pencil 
  • Promotes brow growth 


  • Limited shade range 

Nyx Professional Makeup Full & Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil — Best for Thick Brows

Whether you’re looking for a brow pencil to even out your eyebrows, fill out the sparse areas, or draw precise strokes, this Nyx Professional Makeup Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil is a game-changer. Made with castor oil and microcrystalline wax, this dual-ended pick fills, shapes and sets your brows like a pro. It has a super creamy blendable texture with rich pigments and is incredibly easy to apply. 

One side of the tip is thick, while the other is thin and a little angled, allowing you to create whatever look you desire. Use its micro paddle soft brush to comb and smooth the brows for a perfect blend. Plus, it also has a versatile shade range (nine to be exact), making it easy for you to find your ideal match.


  • Excellent wear 
  • Perfectly pigmented 
  • Cruelty-free formula 


  • Might not be suitable for oily skin 

Kosas Brow Pop Defining Eyebrow Pencil — Best Vegan

Available in ten super blendable shades, you’re sure to find your brow match with Kosas Defining Eyebrow Pencil. Made with castor oil and panthenol pro-vitamin B5, this pick’s innovative formula moisturizes, strengthens and boosts the growth of your precious brows. It’s extremely pigmented and helps to create luscious, fuller-looking brows. 

Thanks to its triangle-shaped tip, I use the thick side to fill in the sparse areas, the thin – to sculpt and draw feather-like strokes that mimic natural brow hairs, and a soft spoolie brush in the end to blend and comb. The only downside of this dual-action product is that it’s not waterproof or transfer-resistant. But if that’s any consolation, it stays put for a long time.


  • Glides smoothly 
  • Gorgeous color payoff
  • Imparts a natural finish 


  • Could have been a waterproof 

Buying Guide: Brow Pencil 

Finding the right product has always been a struggle, no matter what it is for. But when it comes to eyebrows, multiply the challenge by 20 times, as the pick can make or break your game. There are so many different brow pencils, which makes it hard to choose. Fret not. We’ve talked to experts and done hours of research to compile this buying guide to help you narrow down your options. Keep reading to know more about it.  

Things to Look for 

Type of tip 

Pencils with slanted tips are great, as you get two sides, thick and thin that you can use to tweak your eyebrows. In addition, look for retractable products as they are less prone to breakage than sharpenable pencils. 


While filling in the bald spots is essential, it’ll fail if you don’t blend it right. Enter: spoolie. Most brands’ brow pencils feature built-in spoolie these days, which are great for combing, softening and styling to create natural-looking, luscious, fuller brows. 


The most exciting yet confusing part is to find the perfect match for your brow. Some brands offer limited shades, while others have too many, thus making the search all the more overwhelming. While selecting a color for your brows, it’s better to match it directly to your brows rather than your hair color. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I use an eyebrow pencil?

Hold it at a 45-degree angle to your skin and draw thin, feather-like strokes. Flip it and use the spoolie to blend and buff the color to create a natural finish.

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