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Did your mother also force you to put that extra pinky color on your cheeks? If that’s the case, you’d be happy to know that you’re not alone. But thanks to modern makeup products, blushers have up their game. Gone are the old days of tacky colors, as these cosmetic products come in various shades and textures today. From rosy to mauve, deep rogue, and many more, there is a blush color out there for everyone. 

Instagram and viral Tiktok trends have led to the revolutionary comeback of this iconic product. It’s a makeup staple now! A little swipe of color does wonders in enhancing your looks. With various hues, you can tone up or down your overall appearance. Whether you are having a lazy day, going full glamorous, or completing your 10-step beauty routine, a good blusher has the power to amplify all. They are the most versatile product and can make you want to ditch your bronzer and highlighter for good. Blushes can also create various looks depending on where you place blush, such as face-lifting, sculpting, flushed, or a sun-kissed effect. Read on to learn about our favorite blush products and tricks to slay your day like a pro.

Comparing Most Cheeky Blushes 

NARS Orgasm Powder Blush — Best Overall

NARS blushes are famous for their unique names; we can’t get enough of them. This powdery formula blends into the skin effortlessly and gives a smooth, glowy look. With an impressive shade range of 26, it caters to all skin tones and types. The formula contains silky and superfine micronized powder pigments. This pick has a buildable coverage from sheer to bold, delivering a satin, shimmery and matte finish to your cheeks.  

The Orgasm shade is light-medium, peachy pink in color, and has a warm glow with a golden shimmer. The color payoff is excellent, and a little amount of this blush goes a long way. Only one swipe of this pick with a big, dense brush gives the desired outcome. Plus, the application is fool-proof, even for beginners. Its lasting power, firm texture, and hydrating properties make this the best overall product on our list.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to blend 
  • Super pigmented 


  • Shimmer is visible on the skin

BOOM! by Cindy Joseph Cream Blush Stick — Best for Mature Skin

If you’re in late adulthood and looking for a blush perfect for mature skin, this pro-age cosmetic BOOM by Cindy Joseph Cream Blush Stick is ideal for you. Its sheer coverage offers a natural, on-the-go look, with a subtle pop of color on your face that accentuates and refines your look more. The cream stick is easy to apply and blend for a natural-looking, flushed appearance. 

All you need is a little swirl of this stick, and voila, the warm, sun-kissed glow is here. The lightweight formula comes in vibrant hues and is suitable for all skin types regardless of their textures and skin tones. And if this is not enough, this product is perfect for multitasking. You can apply it on your cheeks, nose, lips, and eyelids for a natural, luminous, radiant effect. Plus, being cruelty-free and vegan, this pick would hit close to you if you have some furry animals around.


  • It’s travel-friendly 
  • Super lasting-power 
  • Rich, creamy, luxurious consistency 


  • A little dry on lips 

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush — Best Splurge

This Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Blush is a cult favorite. Not only does this product add color to your cheeks, but it also highlights and sculpts your face beautifully. This 3-in-1, sculpt, define and glow blush is a classic luxurious powder that doesn’t streak or fade. It has a vibrant shade range, such as subtle to bright, bold hues that are perfect for every occasion. 

The blush is worth every penny as this ultra-silky, rich formula is crafted with radiant optic technology that beautifully contours and refines your complexion. Also, it is easy to apply and blends seamlessly into the skin giving your cheeks a glossy finish and a naturally flushed look that stays put for hours. Using it doesn’t accentuate your pores or break your skin and delivers a non-cakey, woke-up-with-subtle-glow look that makes you hook to it.


  • It has a velvety texture
  • Dermatologist-tested 
  • Includes a mini contouring brush for application 


  • Doesn’t come in many colors

MAC Mineralize Love Joy Blush — Best for Everyday

Are you searching for a warm-toned, soft shimmer blush that is perfect for everyday wear? If yes, look no more. This MAC Mineralize Love Joy Blush is a medium-dark brown with reddish tones and a gliding of gold that brightens up your cheeks. Infused with baked minerals that are refined into s powdery blush formula offers a radiant appearance. The earthy coral tones with shimmers that are not too glittery or sparkly deliver a healthy-fresh look ideal for medium- warm skin tones. 

It has sheer coverage that is buildable and glides smoothly on the skin. Also, this pick is easy to apply and gives your cheeks a smooth, luminous glow without leaving blotches of color behind. 

Being nicely pigmented, it transfers easily from pan to fingers or brush and blends like a dream. What’s more impressive is that this product is ophthalmologist and dermatologist-tested and is ideal for being your best travel companion.


  • Melts into the skin 
  • Smooth, flawless finish 
  • It feels very light on the skin


  • Some shades are very pigmented 

Maybelline Cheek Heat Gel Cream Blush — Best Drugstore

If you are searching for water-based gel cream blush, this Maybelline Cheek Heat Blush will be your ultimate favorite. Formulated with colorful pigments for buildable coverage that glides smoothly, this blush checks all the boxes. Its oil-free element leaves a soft dewy finish and makes them best for warm seasons.  

This pick comes in a squeezing tube with a twist-off lid, making it easy to carry and ideal for traveling. Also, its ultra-sheerness gives a no-makeup look as the color blends seamlessly, giving an appearance of naturally glowy cheeks. The staying power is super long. So if you want a pop of color on your cheeks that can be applied quickly, leaving a natural flushed effect, make room for this darling pick in your daily makeup routine.


  • Six flattering shades
  • Gives skin a warm glow 
  • Lightweight and breathable 


  • Limited shade range 

Buying Guide: Blushes

When it comes to choosing blush, there is a lot at stake. Playing with colors is exciting only if you have all the tricks up your sleeve. Frey not. This buying guide focuses on all the factors you should consider when shopping blush. 

Without further ado, let’s begin. 

Factors to Consider While Buying a Blush 

Your Skin Tone 

When you know your skin tone, chances are high that you’ll opt for a blush that accentuates your features and goes well with your complexion. For instance, people with fair complexion should go with pink, peach, and berry hues. In contrast, coral or rosy shades look better on a medium skin tone. And for those with a darker skin shade, golden or orange blushes work best. 


None of us want blushes that stick out, making us look like clowns. Therefore, it’s imperative for blush to be easy to blend. It’s the key to a naturally flushed effect. That being said, keep an eye out for blush that is packed with fine-milled technology, as it’s the easiest to blend. It diffuses easily into the skin and blends effortlessly. Ensure the coverage is light to medium, as heavy blushes often pop out more, giving a cakey appearance. 


Before discussing this, ask yourself what kind of look you want to achieve. If it’s a no-makeup look, blushes with medium pigmentation are ideal as they are sheer and don’t look very cakey on the cheeks. They take little effort to blend and disappear into the skin, giving a warm glow to your cheeks. On the other hand, if your blush is more saturated, it’ll require more skill to blend. They last long in your makeup bag as the higher the pigment, the lesser the amount you need. 

Staying power 

A blush is no good if it requires frequent touch-ups. To avoid this, look for blushes that have long-lasting power. You can also check customer reviews about its longevity to determine if it’s worth spending or not. If you’ve hit the jackpot with long-staying power, it’s also transfer-proof. Remember, many blushes require setting powder or spray to stay put for maximum time.  

  • Tips to Apply Blush Like a Pro
  • Prep your skin. Use moisturizer and primer to create an even canvas 
  • Select a shade that works for your skin tone
  • Choose the right formula, such as cheek stains are good for oily skin, cream-based for normal or combination skin, and stick or powder formulas for dry skin.  
  • Your blush brush should be lightweight and fluffy with natural soft hair. 

Benefits of Using a Blush 

  • Adds natural color to the skin. 
  • It has the power to lift the mood. 
  • Brightens the skin 
  • It adds more dimension and definition to your face.
  • It is a versatile product and can be used on eyelids ad lips as well.
  • It also functions as a highlighter, bronzer, and contour.

Frequently Asked Questions 

 Can I wear blush only without any other makeup product?

Yes. Make sure your skin is hydrated enough for the application to be smooth.

How do you apply blush?

For application, you can make use of your fingers, sponge, or brush.  

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