Enhance Your Lip Game: Must-Have Lip Liners for Every Makeup Enthusiast

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While the fame of lip liners slightly dimmed in the 2000s, recently they have made a big, no bigger comeback, with 90’s inspired modern looks! Many stars and models were seen flaunting these ever-cool, trendy lip liners on red carpets, making us go “wow.” Not only do they step up and enhance your lipstick game, but they serve many other purposes. 

These all mighty, powerful, versatile lip makeup products provide a sharp outline to your lip color. They also prevent the edges from feathering, bleeding, or smudging away, primes lips, and extend the wear time of your lipstick. And if you’re someone who desires bigger, fuller lips, with the help of these liners, you can create an impression of faux-injection plumpness and many more. All these perks make these lip pencils the must-have product in the beauty routine. 

So regardless of your makeup preferences, whether it is dolling up, looking all glamorous, or preferring a no-makeup look, lip liners are a game changer. And if you’re a lipstick lover like us, you must know how important these slim pencils are! But finding the right lip liner to give that edge to your lips that beautifully slays your favorite crimson-red or classic brown lipsticks requires consideration. The chaos of searching for the right pencil that matches your lip shade or goes well with contrast can be intimidating.  

Fret not. Read on to make the lip liner shopping process less stressful and more enjoyable, and make room for these slick, beauty lip-lover pencils.

Comparing Most Functional Lip Liners 

NYX Professional Creamy Lip Liner Pencil  — Best Overall

Nyx Professional Creamy Lip Liner is one of the standouts, and the best part – it doesn’t break the bank! The dreamy slim pencil has a soft, buttery texture, making application a breeze. Fragrance and cruelty-free, this creamy lip liner is available in gorgeous shades. With the broad range of hues ranging from nudes to berries, plums, and reds, you’ll most likely find colors matching your extensive lipstick collection. Its non-drying, ultra-fine tip is perfect for filling, lining, and contouring your tips effortlessly. Plus, the long-lasting formula of this pick resists bleeding and acts as a smooth base extending the color of your lip wear. What’s more impressive is that it’s super pigmented that even novices can apply it perfectly in one swipe making it the best overall product on our list. 


  • Long-wearing 
  • Dreamy satiny matte finish 
  • Creamy texture that glides smoothly 


  • It’s not waterproof 

Beauty Spot Retractable Lip Liner Pencil — Best Waterproof

If you want all colors in one place, don’t miss out on this Beauty Spot’s lip liner set. The Retractable Lip Liner Pencil comes in 12 long-lasting shades that are incredibly easy to apply. With the roll-up feature, you have to twist the liner, and voila, no hassle of sharpening or dull, uneven lines. All hues have a soft, smooth texture that glides easily onto the lips without smudging. Shades ranging from natural to reds, pinks, and peaches are flattering to all skin tones. The fact that these pencils are waterproof makes them ideal for hot, blazing summers. With this set in your makeup arsenal, you’re good to go in slaying your lip looks. 


  • Fade-resistant
  • Non-sharpenable 
  • Travel-friendly 


  • Limited shade range 

MAEPEOR Matte Lipliner and Eyeliner — Ultimate Classic

Feel free to eat and enjoy your drinks without worrying about your lip color with MAEPEOR Matte Lip Liners. The three-piece kit features two lip liners from its range of 13 hues and one classic swan-black eyeliner. Friendly for all skin types, these liners are gorgeous and suitable for all skin tones and types. The super-smooth, creamy, pigmented formula plumps your lips while delivering a soft, velvety finish that is perfect for a day in or out. Moreover, since they are waterproof, there is a slim to no chance of this pick smudging or transferring. 


  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting 
  • Glides on super smoothly 


  • No sharpener included 

Revlon Colorstay Lip Liner — Most Precise

If a classic lip liner that checks all the boxes of being a hit product is what you want, look no further than the Revlon Colorstay Lip Liner Pencil. Creamy and richly-pigmented, this pencil blends like a dream. It comes in tons of incredibly dashing shades, so you needn’t worry about finding one that goes with your lipstick. Also, its built-in sharpener makes this beauty pencil our ultra-favorite. There is less hassle of extra tools to give that sharp edge to the lip liner. It comes in sleek packaging and lasts up to 8 hours, making it travel-friendly. Plus, this pick is transfer-proof, giving you the liberty to enjoy your days and nights fully without retouching or reapplying again and again. 


  • Affordable
  • Terrific shade range 
  • Pointed tip for precise liming 


  • Not cruelty-free

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip Liner — Best Drugstore

When it comes to affordable and high-quality drugstore products, Maybelline New York is hard to beat. The Color Sensational Lip Liner by Maybelline is a cult favorite. It comes in a fantastic shade range of nudes, browns, plums, and reds, and it is also super soft and comfortable to wear. Line, fill, and define the shape of your lips with this shaping liner for a fuller, bolder look that turns your eyes everywhere you go. Long-wearing and smudge-proof, this self-sharpening pencil saves you from the hassle of keeping a sharpener with you. Plus, in all its glory, this pick gives you a perfect pout with a maximum and intense color payoff that doesn’t drag or budge. 


  • Creamy texture feels soft on the lips 
  • Highly economical 
  • Easy application with precise tip 


  • Not cruelty-free 

Buying Guide: Lip Liner 

Your lipstick is incomplete without a lip liner. The slim pencil gives your lips depth, definition, and dimension if you choose the one that suits you right. While the hunt for a perfect liner is not easy, fret not. We have curated this buying guide to make your shopping experience fun. 

Things to Look for in a Lip Liner

Here are some things to consider when roaming the lip liner aisle:


The creamier the texture of the pencil, the easier it’s to glide. Ensure that the formula you’re buying is non-drying so that your lips don’t appear flaky and parched. 


A range of hues, from subtle natural nudes and browns to sultry pinks and reds, gives the illusion of fuller, bolder lips. Most makeup brand has matching sets of lipstick and liners that make it easy for you to color coordinate. You can also go for a shade darker than your lipstick or gloss color to create a gorgeous blend of hues that stand out. 


Most people use lip liners to give a sharp edge to their lips. But what’s the point? Is the outline smudges or transferred? Ensure the formula you’re buying is smudge-proof so that your lipstick can easily adhere to the smooth base.  

Tips and Tricks for Using Lip Liners 

Now that you know about some top long-lasting lip liners, it is time to equip yourself with all the tricks and trips to rock your lipstick game. 

  • Before applying, ensure your lips are exfoliated and moisturized so that you have a smooth base which makes the application of lip liner and lipstick beautiful. 
  • Apply a lip primer and let it settle for a few seconds.  
  • Line your lips before the application of your lipstick or lip gloss. One common mistake is to line the lips after applying the lipstick, which causes bleeding and, at times, smudging that is hard to get off, especially if it’s matte. Thus, outlining the lips helps to define the edges and give your lips a sharp look that has a perfect matte finish. 
  • If a fuller, puckered-up look is what you desire or wants to slay your pout, slightly overline your lips. But be very careful with this, as too much can make you seem to like going OTT, which is a big no. The trick is to give your lining a subtle edge that looks natural while pumping up the shape of your lips. 
  • To extend the wear time of your lipstick, try filling your entire lip with the lip pencil. Doing this will be helpful as your lipstick now has a base to adhere to. This will make the color last longer without feathering or bleeding away. 
  • If you’re running out of your favorite lipstick, here’s a trick to extend its life. Pull out a similar lip pencil shade, trace the edges of your lipstick with lip liner, and fill the rest of your lips with it. 
  • Ombre lips are the trend these days. If you are in a playful mood or want to experiment a little, choose a contrasting lip pencil shade (darker) to your lipstick. Outline your lips with the darker shade and fill the center of your lips with your lighter tone lipstick or lip crayon. Blend the two with your finger or a brush, and get ready to fall in love with your ombre lips.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I apply a lip liner? 

Trace the line of your lips gently and precisely. When you are on the cupid’s bow, apply the liner on it and focus on not going overboard.

Can I use a lip liner as an eyeliner?

Yes, you can, but it’s advisable not to. The formula for both is similar, but lip liners might irritate when used on the eyes due to the presence of pigments and color additives. 

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